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Buying jewelry for someone can be a difficult process. There are so many factors involved that complicate the process that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The truth of the matter is that giving the right gift is just a matter of a little thought and some research.

It’s all about the XP

When you give a gift, regardless of the cost, the important thing is to build a memorable experience around the act of opening the gift. If you follow these instructions, I can guarantee a good reception of your gift in all but the coldest of women.

What is your relationship to the receiver?

Although most women love jewelry, regardless of who gives it to them, jewelry is often seen as a romantic gift and it’s meaning could be misconstrued. Jewelry given to a partner or family member is usually seen as pretty safe ground. However, a gift of jewelry from a man to a female friend or a female colleague could hint at a desire for romance, which could be awkward (or a deliberate statement, depending on your intentions).

A woman giving jewelry to another woman is almost always considered appropriate, although if you are out as bi or lesbian there is still a small chance you could still make the receiver uncomfortable.

If you are worried but still want to give jewelry, go with a bracelet or pendant and make sure you give the gift while there are other people around.

What are you giving?

Different kinds of jewelry represent different things to women. For instance, a ring is seen as a sign of enduring love (hence the tradition of engagement and wedding rings), likewise diamonds are seen as representing eternity or lifelong love (again, engagement & wedding rings often include diamonds).

Unless you are in a long term relationship with the person you are giving the gift to and want to make a definite statement about your feelings, I’d stay clear of diamond rings.

Of course, it’s always safe for a husband to buy a ring for his wife. Just remember you will need to get the size right or get it resized after-words.

Earrings and other piercing jewelry are an odd thing to give, they are considered quite a personal gift and should probably only be given by very close friends or partners.

Bracelets and pendants are probably the safest option as a gift for a friend or colleague.

There are a number of other articles on Jewelry Sage that cover buying the right colour and style of jewelry, make sure you look over them before you pick the colour and style of your gift.

Presentation is everything!

The gift of jewelry is rarely a cheap one, so it only makes sense to make sure that you prepare your gift to maximise impact.

Box it!, Bag it!, Tag it! Is always my philosophy when giving jewelry.

A lot of jewelry (especially the ones from the supermarket) come without a box and is designed just to hang up in store. They do this for two important reasons, to make it easier to display and to keep the price down. Neither of these two priorities match up with giving something nice to someone and making them feel appreciated. Always take any tags or hooks off of a piece of jewelry bought like this and put it in a nice box rather than handing it over as you bought it. Almost every shop that sells jewelry also sells very nice presentation boxes that you can put the jewelry in.

Hand crafted jewelry often come in an organza bag with a business card from the creator. Personally I prefer to transfer it out of the bag and into a box as well, but make sure you include the business card as that provides a story to the gift (I’ll discuss this more later). Like most high street stores, most jewelry creators have boxes they are willing to give or sell you for your chosen gift.

A nice box is great, but in a way it should be considered part of the gift it’s self, rather than packaging. I always make sure that the box is wrapped in some way to conceal the nature of the gift and to add to the whole experience of opening a present. Personally I prefer gift bags over wrapping paper because the boxes often come with ribbons or bows that can be crushed when wrapped. Don’t forget to tape the bag shut though, it helps build anticipation and makes the final opening more enjoyable.

If you’ve bought a gift bag, make sure you write the tag that it came with. A gift without a tag is oddly impersonal and the idea is to build up the whole experience of the present giving. If it’s a romantic gift, make sure you add a personal note. A little personalisation goes a long way to show that a gift comes from the heart.

Know your providence!

The handing over of a gift is not the end of the process. It’s very important to be able to relate the tale of the gift after it has been opened. Again this helps to reinforce the idea that thought and effort has gone into choosing the present. In this respect the phrase “It’s the thought that counts” is very much a truism.

If possible try to know the following:

*What the jewelry is made off. *Where and by who the jewelry is made. *Why you chose that particular piece over other ones.

The act of attaching a story to the gift makes the gift more memorable and once more builds upon the experience of receiving the jewelry.

So Remember…

*Be sure that giving jewelry is appropriate. *Give the right kind of jewelry – Don’t give a message you don’t intend. *Make the package look pretty and ensure it takes a little time to open to build anticipation. *Learn some background about the item, so you can talk about the gift after-words.

If you follow these simple steps, you give a memorable gift that will be looked back on fondly every time it’s worn.

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