Amazon Universal Wish List

We all know how hard it is for our loved ones to find us just the right present at this time of year. When it comes to hand made gifts it can be even harder. Lets face it the joy of getting something handmade is the fact that it’s unique and you can’t just get it anywhere.

One way to lend a helping hand and still keeping some of the mystery is to use a Wish List Service. Probably the most popular and most commonly used Wish List is the one on Amazon. It’s always been popular for allowing you to add your DVD’s and CD’s.

But, did you know they have made some changes recently?

Amazon has created something it calls the Universal Wish List. A wish list tied to your account that allows you to add any product from anywhere on the internet to your Amazon Wishlist. And the best thing about it is it’s dead easy to share out, just a simple URL that Amazon gives you at the click of a button.

It will look something like this:

In order to add items to your Wish List you need to add a button to your browser, and whenever you are on a product page you want to add to your wish list, you just click the button and on it goes.

Of course some websites have made it easier than that to add what you like to your Wish List.

If you look at the Hearts of Glass product pages you will now see a button under the picture that says “Add to Amazon Wish List”. Just click on the button and it will add that product to your wish list along with the price and a link back to the product page so your loved ones can make a hassle free purchase.

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