Different jewellery hangings

Although many pendants come on a simple chain, the variety of ways to hang a necklace are almost countless. Most different hangings fall into a few different broad categories.

Thin Metal Chain

This is the most elegant way to hang a necklace in my opinion. The simple thin chain does not distract from the necklace, but creates a glinting line that helps draw the eye down to the focus pendant. When you are looking for something understated and elegant this is perfect. Because of the easy availability of different chain lengths, it’s easy to modify a chain to sit where you want it to, so you can change the focus without buying a new necklace.

Chunky Chain

The chunky chain is a rarer sight these days than it used to be. Whether it ends in a large pendant or used on it’s own, a heavy chain is a piece of jewellery that cannot be ignored. Quite often we now see chains intertwined with ribbon or beaded strands to draw even more attention. Either way it’s difficult to use one of these necklaces to draw attention to anything other than it’s self.

Loosely Spread Beads

Falling between the thin chain and the chunky chain in terms of grabbing attention are wires with spaced out beads. This look is eye catching enough that it will be easily noticed, but it’s spaced loosely enough that they eye naturally follows the line of the beads looking for a focus. These are a great look for longer hangings or just used on their own.

Tightly Strung Beads

A tight stringing of beads forms a great stand alone focus, but can also often be found with a pendant attached at the bottom. Probably the broadest category of hanging this cover’s everything from a classic pearl necklace to a chunky and vibrant acrylic necklace. Either way, the beads will act as a major focus for the eye, sometimes to the expense of a pendant at the bottom.

Ribbon, Suede & Cord

Ribbon or coloured suede creates a striking set of colourful lines that can be easily adjusted to different hanging lengths. Unlike a chunky chain or beads, the lightweight nature of these hangings means that you normally need quite a large pendant to work well with this form of hanging.


These solid metal bands designed to be worn high on the neck are a great statement in and of themselves. They rarely need any form of pendant because of their solid nature, but the thinner ones can be a perfect way to wear a pendant high on the neck. It’s almost impossible to shift focus with a torque due to the way they are designed, but if you have they neck for it they can look stunning.


These ribbon bands that wrap around the neck are probably the highest sitting pieces of jewellery. The thick band of colour does a great job of drawing the eye to the neck without the heavy weight or high cost of a torque.

Leather/Rubber Thong

These distinctive thongs normally come in either brown or black, but they can be found in a variety of colours. They are firmer than most hanging materials and the thicker style makes them great for hanging medium sizes pendants.

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