Swarovski Crystal Snowflake

I carry a wide selection of jewellery that can add a festive cheer to any Christmas outfit. Whether it’s a little added sparkle from some lovely Christmas crystal or something with a hint of decoration about it from my range of hand blown glass, I have something for everyone.

Swarovski Crystal

You just can’t get any more festive than one of my wonderful Snowflake pendants. The expert cut of the glass means that it catches the light with an icey blue sparkle from deep within. Wear it on a silver chain for a little added sparkle or soften the look with one of my blue satin cords.

Hand Blown Glass

The hand blown glass jewellery I make is made using the same glass making process as Christmas decorations. What better way to say “I’m ready for Christmas!” than to bring a Christmas ornament into part of your outfit. Although all the hand blown glass I sell uses the same technique, the deep colours with a band of silver foil say Christmas the loudest.

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