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Looks like the rise in the self representing artisan is is starting to get noticed. I can’t help feeling that a lot of this is going to fall flat unless we can start handing the skills we are learning (which I’m very sure are different from the skills that our ancestors learned, different tools, more marketing slanted, knowledge of applying for funding etc…) on to the next generation.

Have any of you considered taking on an apprentice?

Did you manage to do an apprenticeship in your craft?

Are you part of a circle of crafters that share information, skills and advice?

I can see things starting to come together now, with more craft groups forming and people being able to share information and ideas. The bigest thing I still notice about “craft” is that it’s so very disparate and exists in pockets with very little crossover. I could understand it if these pockets were skill dependant, but they are very much social circle dependant.

Having run the Craft Fairs in Edinburgh Facebook Group for a couple of years now it still amazes me how many completely disparate groups of crafters are out there in Edinburgh alone. I’m still stumbling accross multiple new organisers of craft fairs every year. When I say new, I mean neither the crafters I know or myself have heard of them, not the fact that they have just started. Most of them have been running fairs for years.

I strongly reccomend that anyone who is involved in craft makes an effort to socialise with other crafters, both at fairs and outside it. There’s so much information and support out there that you will never hear about unless you speak to other crafters and start crossing into those other pockets.

Without that crossover of ideas, passion and skills Scottish crafters will continue to reinvent the wheel and fail to reach the hights of what is possible. If you are edinburgh based I recommend you consider some of the existing groups like Craft Reactor or Granny Green’s Big Night Out elsewhere maybe look for things like a local Craft Mafia or just hunt about online.

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