Large Amethyst Murano Glass Heart Image One

This is the second of my “in use” photos of the week. This one features the Dark Amethyst Large Murano Heart Pendant. I think this colour is probably my wife’s favourite colour and it’s certainly up there as one of my best sellers.

The Full range in this colour consists of the Large Dark Amethyst Murano Heart Pendant (£41.99) and my Dark Amethyst Murano Heart Earrings (£19.99). I also make the Small Dark Amethyst Murano Heart Pendant (£25.99) that sits nicely on a chain for those of you that prefer to make slightly less of a statement with your jewellery.

This picture was taken by Erin Hardee and features Sophie Webb Wearing my Large Dark Amethyst Murano Heart Pendant being worn at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.

There’s still more pictures to come, so keep an eye on the site this week.

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