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I am looking for enterprising crafters who want to expand their business from spare time to part-time/full time. I’m going full time with my handmade jewellery business and starting selling from a street stall in Edinburgh city centre. In order to maximise the length of time I can be on the street I need to have a second person at the stall to allow for trips to the car for setup and bathroom breaks etc. You must be willing to exchange time working on the stall for the opportunity to sell your products. This is an ideal first step towards going full time or moving on to your own shop.

I’m planning to sell Tuesday to Saturday, plus public holidays throughout the year in any weather that is viable (anything but windy days really) from a high traffic pitch in the heritage area of Edinburgh. The passing trade is likely to be tourist heavy during the summer, with a stronger proportion of local residents outside of the festival season. I am also planning to have a pitch in/near one of the central parks for particularly nice days. There will be some days (particularly weekends) where I will be unavailable as I have some fairs booked for this year already.

I will be covering the expense of buying the covered stall and registering the licences and I have a car that I can use to transport you and the stall to our pitch. In exchange for doing a days work on the stall I will give you 25% of the selling space on the stall to sell your own goods and you will keep all of the profits from those sales. You will be an independent trader, not an employee, but will be listed as an “Assistant” on the licence to allow you to be on the stall.

Ideally I am looking for one crafter who is willing to commit to 5 days a week, but I understand that this sort of commitment on short notice is difficult. As an alternative, I would also consider crafters who are willing to cover 1-2 days per week on a regular basis and a pool of occasional assistants who can help out when regulars are unavailable.

I’m required to state the products that I will be selling at time of registration of the licence, so if you make something other than jewellery and are not on board from the start, you will not be able to join me at a later date. I cannot accept and food based crafters as that requires a different licence and I may decline if I feel that your brand conflicts with mine or competes directly with me (glass heart jewellery mostly).

I need to move quite quickly on this as it can take up to 6 weeks for the licence application to be processed and I need to submit the names of assistants at time of application. If I hold off too long we’ll miss the lucrative festival period.

If you are interested, please contact me with your name, craft and the days you would be interested in and we can arrange to meet up and discuss things further.

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