January Sale

The Hearts of Glass January sale kicked off today with some amazing clearance prices on my range of Swarovski Crystallized Elements Pendants . There is limited stock of all designs remaining, and all stock must go.

Full details of this special offer and other January Specials will be listed on the Hearts of Glass Facebook Page , so sign up now to stay informed about this and other special offers.

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Portrait of Gordon McDonald


That’s my first commision off to make it’s own way in the world. I’ve been working with Emma who commissioned the pieces for her wedding on and off since before christmas on ideas for these pieces and they are finally complete and handed over. There were a few supplier worries towards the end there, but everything has resolved in plenty of time.

I do hope my little children will be ok, it’s a cold hard world out there for young jewellery trying to make it on their own.

At least I know they are going to a good home :-)

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Swarovski Logo

I’m really turned on by some of the shapes of Swarovski crystal at the moment. I’ve been doing quite a lot with elegant pieces that are silver and Swarovski designed to hang on a chain. This is not something that Swarovski has ever really done with their own jewelry, they really like the juxtaposition between the hard edges and the soft natural feel of the leather thongs.

I’m really wanting to play with the mix of Swarovski and more natural materials to create something that’s a little less formal and a bit funky to wear. I must admit though, I’ve never approved of Swarovski’s tie at the back leather thong idea. It just doesn’t sit well and a little more work on finishing it off could go a long way to making a much more wearable piece of jewelry.

Watch this space for updates.

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